UPDATE (1/23/2021): Help room closed! If you have any questions about the event or tickets, please email Kyoto JALT (address below). We will be checking the email all day during the event today. Events are now up to join on the Live Schedule!

UPDATE (1/23/2021): If you have properly registered and bought a ticket, you can find the Zoom meeting room where the event will be happening by clicking one of the Schedule buttons above. The link to the room will appear 10 minutes before the event starts.

To get a ticket so you can access the event:
- Register for the event. There is a register button in the top-right of this page.
- After you register, select "tickets" from the drop-down menu under your account name (this will be in the top right of the page and take the place of the register button)
- When you navigate to that page, select the correct ticket for you. If you are a not a JALT member, please do not sign up for a JALT Member ticket.
- Once you complete your transaction and get a ticket, you should be able to see a link on the schedule page mentioned above.

Race has implications on all aspects of our profession, including why we teach English, what we teach, how we teach, and who should teach. Join Kyoto JALT for a one-day event concerning these issues.

(NOTE: The sessions will be conducted in English so if you would like to attend and need help understanding the content, we recommend using an app such as UDTalk for interpretation.  Click the About link at the top of this main page for more information about UDTalk.)

Hope to see you there on Zoom!

If there are any questions about the event or technical problems, please email: jaltkyoto@gmail.com